Uni.Co G cutting system allows the corrugated cardboard, flat cardboard, padded squares, acetate, foam rubber and plastic material with various thicknesses’ longitudinal cutting, creasing, tracing and cross cutting in a swift and precise way.

Creasing and scoring

Uni.Co G cutting system is designed for the flat cardboard pads, filling or protective corrugated cardboard pads for various use and high-volume production. Each cut piece is perfectly squared thanks to the transversal and longitudinal cuttings done in the same module; the cardboard is always supported and guided during the processing.

The electronic advancement of the sheets is controlled by encoders that guarantee complete and continuous cutting precision.

How the process goes

Uni.Co G cutting system obtains only perfect and clean pads, without dust, and the scraps are automatically removed from the collecting table by means of conveyor belts. The machine is ideal for large quantities but is also ideal for small runs, thanks to its swift and easy set-up.

The sheet’s advancement is directly adjusted by the operator panel mounted on the electrical cabinet. Any change of feed or various adjustments can be made without stopping the machine. Real-time production data are automatically shown on the screen.

All configurations




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