Punching and die cutting

Punching is an innovative system to produce partitions. In fact, not just the outline, but also the whole mould is removed from the material. On the contrary, die-cutting only cuts the outline, that’s why it is necessary to remove the material in a second phase to have the finished product.

Both processes allow you to create all kinds of shapes, while maintaining maximum precision. Let’s see below what the advantages of punching system on the new Uni.Co are.

Punching tools

The punching system designed for Uni.Co is made by a tool split into two parts, male and female. These tools are made of Böhler steel and work at a very high precision speed that allows you to obtain a perfect cutting quality.

On the other hand, the common punching system is made by a wooden table on which the punch’s threads are fixed, that are less precise and resistant than Uni.co’s punching tools. The die-cutting blade segments have a shorter life and need to be adjusted multiple times before their use.

Concept of modularity

Our punching tools ensure an excellent cutting quality and precision that is also characterized by modular use. In fact, thanks to a series of small cutting segments applicable under the punch, we can produce partitions from a minimum height of 38 mm up to a maximum height of 420 mm.

This allows the customer to produce all the partitions different codes with a defined number of tools that we supply with the machine, thanks to the flexibility of our punching tools.
The use of traditional die-cut tables requires many boards, one for each partition layout. This solution requires a lot of space to store all the different die-cut tables and more time to choose the right one.

Uni.Co is different. With a punching tools’ limited set, you can get the widest variety of partitions.

Tooling table

This accessory will make your workflow extremely efficient and well ordered. The special tooling bench is equipped with a crane to lift the die cut mould’s upper frame, some drawer units sized for the tools supplied, an illuminated area and a laser device for a die cut mould’s precise composition.

While Uni.co works, an operator could prepare effortlessly the next die-cutting pattern. The size change is immediate.

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