Uni.Co is the most innovative universal cutting system in the converting world and it will guide your business growth at every steps

Punching unit

The new punching concept offers a swift size change. The punching tools are modular and available in different shapes: the customer can adjust the partitions’ different heights just by adding or removing the cutting segments.
The die-holder trolley allows the second die frame’s off-line preparation.

Creasing and scoring unit

Creasing, scoring or other processes are executed by tools mounted on the two pairs of air shafts, where every shaft is motorized and height-adjustable for effective setting – all tools on the same shaft move together. A laser device makes easy its positioning.

Longitudinal and transversal cutting unit

The longitudinal and transversal cutting operations are executed in the same module to ensure perfect perpendicularity.
The entire system is set from the touch screen on the mobile arm.

Choose now the configuration right for you

Uni.co is the perfect solution to whom works in the converting industry: it can work with every kind of paperboard, starting from solid or corrugated paperboard’s sheets or reels.
The Uni.co’s modular cutting system is made by different cutting units that assembled together can offer 4 different configurations. Thanks to its modular design this cutting line can develop at any time by adding an extra cutting module, passing from one configuration to another and allowing the company to expand its production.

Switching from the production of solid and corrugated cardboard pads to the production of partitions is just a matter of software switches with the new modular Uni.Co! By adding the punching module to the basic configuration I, the customer will have a completely new machine, which turns into configuration F. This modularity gives two huge advantages:

Scalable investment thanks to a super technological and innovative machinery

Increase the products offer by adding cutting modules easily thanks to machine’s design that allows to update it both from a mechanical and software point of view

Uni.Co, the universal cutting system, is a flexible machine capable of producing pads, partitions, reinforcements, internal protections, fillers and much more in solid and corrugated cardboard.
Its flexibility is also displayed by the speed at which the size change takes place, easily possible thanks to the settings adjustment on the Touch Screen panel supported by a high-tech multimedia graphics.

In case of partitions production, the punching tool change only takes 2 minutes!
The new Uni.Co cutting system is the most compact, thanks to the new safety measures available on the machine, which do not require the use of safety nets.

Not only the innovative design, but also the punching system adopted to produce partitions makes this cutting system the most compact overall. In fact, thanks to the use of punching tools, the customer will no longer have to use die-cutting tables, which always require large spaces to be stored.

Find out the 4 configurations





Universal cutting system for solid and corrugated cardboard

The right solution for those working in the converting field. 4 configurations available according to your needs! The only machine that develops together with your business!

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