Uni.co F is the intermediate configuration of the Uni.Co machine.


Uni.Co F is the ideal cutting system for the accurate production of punched pads and partitions. In fact, it is equipped with the punching module, which allows to load any punching pattern you need.

Uni.Co F cutting system is a multi-functional machine able to run, other than its peculiar operations, even the ones of Uni.Co I – meaning slitting and cross-cutting. In this way the production range of Uni.Co F extends to pads, protective pads and stripes.

How the process goes

Uni.Co F cutting system is the ideal solution to produce punched partitions (V-Lock / Euro-Lock) and rounded pads.

As for the other Uni.Co configurations, Uni.Co F is modular and expandable in any moment after the purchase. Just focus the right one: as soon as you want to start scoring and creasing your products you can buy the proper module. Your Uni.Co F will become a Uni.Co S.

All configurations




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